Indiana Asks the State Supreme Court to Reverse its Elkhart 4 Decision


Late last week Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller and Elkhart Country Prosecutor Curtis Hill announced that they had asked the Indiana Supreme Court to have a new hearing in the case of the Elkhart Four.  Mr. Zoeller and Mr. Hill want the Indiana Supreme Court’s September 2015 ruling reversed.  Needless to say those who support Blake Layman, Levi Sparks, Anthony Sharp

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What Is Next For Jose?


Jose Quiroz plead guilty to a crime, felony murder . . . . a crime the Indiana Supreme Court now says he never should have been charged with let along convicted of. One day after the Indiana Supreme Court said this Jose is sitting in prison with a 45-year sentence while the three others have had their sentences vacated and are

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Indiana Supreme Court; “The Elkhart 4 are Not Murderers”


Today the Indiana Supreme Court sided with justice, compassion, common sense, human dignity and the rule of law when it unanimously vacated the felony murder convictions or Blake Layman, Levi Sparks and Anthony Sharp. In a move clearly designed to right a wrong the justices have sent a clear message by limiting the power of prosecutors when charging felony murder.

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