MTV – One Bad Choice — Levi Sparks — Will Air This Wednesday


MTV’s will air an episode of their show “One Bad Choice” which will feature Levi Sparks of the Elkhart 4.  The Episode will air on Wednesday March 4, 2015 at 11:00pm ET/PT. Producers of the show have provided this blog with the following synopsis. “One Bad Choice” explores the consequences of young people who made a single, terrible decision that

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The Case of the Elkhart 4 Captures the Attention of an International Audience


From Norway, to Belgium, from Canada, to the UK, to The Netherlands and beyond the story of the Elkhart 4 continues to make news internationally. BELGIUM Here is a headline from a Belgian news site on Thursday February 26, 2015. Hoe krijgt een ‘onschuldige’ tiener 55 jaar celstraf voor moord?   Translated the article title is “How does an “innocent” teen get 55

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Jose Quiroz and the Elkhart 4 a Topic of Study in a Norwegian Classroom


The complex case of the Elkhart 4 has engaged people of differing opinions in a debate about the Indiana Felony Murder statute and juveniles.  As heated as this debate can be, participants on both sides celebrate the value of open debate and dialogue in a democratic society.  No more is the ideas of debate and open discussion more valuable that the

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The Guardian Writes About Blake Layman of the Elkhart 4


One of the biggest newspapers in the UK, The Guardian, has written an in-depth article featuring Blake Layman of the Elkhart 4.  Ed Pilkington has written an article that looks at the felony murder rule in Indiana and the situation around the case of the Elkhart 4.  It is a great read for anyone interested in this case. To read

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