How Would Canada Deal With the Elkhart Four?


As you can tell from my last post, the case of the 4 boys from Elkhart Indiana convicted of murder when they did not shoot the gun has greatly concerned me.  I place full responsibility for this miscarriage of justice on Elkhart County  Prosecutor Curtis Hill.  Mr. Hill has made decisions that will … [Read more...]

Curtis Hill Just Spent Over $2 500 000 of Indiana Tax Dollars – ON WHAT?

Curtis Hill 3

Tuesday September 17, 2013 -- Now that we know the actual sentences in this case we have re-calculated the costs of this case.  It is even more money than our largest estimate in this post.  -- Read our new article: It Will Cost Taxpayers at least 3.1 Millions to send the Elkhart 4 to Prison Hey … [Read more...]

A federal judge says 363 inmates in Michigan prisons sentencedto life without parole as juveniles will get new sentencing hearings!

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Why does America have such a big prison-population?

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