An Editorial From The Elkhart Truth With a Strong and Powerful Message

Last week I wrote an article very critical of the way The Elkhart Truth has handled the reporting of the recent case of the Elkhart 4.  I stand by what I wrote, but I also would like to commend The Elkhart Truth for a thoughtful, respectful and clear editorial today about civility and the way we address crime in the community.  It an editorial worth reading.

I am especially pleased with the final two paragraphs which state:

“We live in a society of laws. We can debate the fairness and effectiveness of those laws, and we should, but we cannot forgo them for mob rule; otherwise, we lower ourselves to the level of the criminals we seek to punish.

Elkhart desperately needs to begin an honest discussion about the roots of violent crime in this community, find ways to stop the killing and hold our criminal justice system accountable for fair application of the laws. But first we must overcome the racism, ignorance and cliches that block our progress.”

I hope the Elkhart Truth will use the power and voice it has in the community to initiate that debate.  I agree 100% with the importance of an honest, respectful, discussion about crime and I encourage everyone with all viewpoints to engage in a positive and productive way.

This is a big positive step forward.  Let’s hope the Elkhart Truth engages actively in this highly needed debate.