Canadian Press Covers The Elkhart 4

The National Post a newspaper out of Toronto Canada has picked up the story of The Elkhart 4.  In an article entitled “Teen Would-Be Burglars Convicted Of Felony Murder Receive ‘Extreme’ 50-Year Sentences For ‘Crimes They Didn’t Commit” that National Post of Canada brings the case of The Elkhart 4 to an international audience.   Maria Assaf, writer of the article, interviews lawyers and parents involved in the case.  Assaf also interviews Emily Keller, a lawyer at the Juvenile Law Center in Chicago.  Keller is quoted as saying “I believe the use of the felony murder is really just inappropriate when it’s applied against juveniles who didn’t kill anyone or didn’t intend to kill anyone.”

This follows a powerful editorial in The Huffington Post last Friday which argues that the felony murder charge and conviction of these teens was a miscarriage of justice.

Canada does not have the felony murder rule and handles juvenile justice cases very differently to how this case was handled.  In an article published in August 2013 we looked at how Canada would handle a case similar to The Elkhart 4 if it happened in Toronto.

To read The National Post Article — Click Here


  • Michael - Canadian lawyer

    This is absolutely disgusting. How can the US be so backwards. Ruining these poor teenagers lives over a mistake any teenager can make. The law is a blight on the US, and the sentences moreso. How can the judge and prosecutor sleep at night – they should go to jail for being such monsters. Hopefully someone pardon’s them. Revolting.

  • Thanks for your comment. This is why we are working so hard on this blog . . what happened here is a horrible miscarriage of justice. Morality, doing the right think and the principals of juvenile justice were ignored in this case and The Elkhart 4 are paying a massive price. Thanks for your support.

  • Michael - Canadian lawyer

    I had to read the article in the National Post twice as I couldn’t believe it was real. It’s nothing short of cruel and unusual treatment. I don’t think any of them would have received more than a year sentence in Canada. Canadians read constantly how inhumane US prosecutors are and how people are forced to plead guilty or are threatened with huge sentences. That’s not justice and it’s a shameful system. So the real question is – how will you mobilize support? A blog will only get you so far. What about protests outside the jail or state legislature or even on Capitol Hill? Have you ceased CNN, etc of the matter? While you should be proud of yourselves for publicizing the case, I would encourage you to get out and be heard. If I lived in the US, I would be happy to help – fight for all of them, and the injustice too that Mr. Quiroz cannot appeal – it’s absolutely disgusting to think he’ll rot in jail for life. Was this judge even competent in the slightest? Even any remote common sense would tell you none of them committed murder – it was their own friend who was killed? It makes no sense. And even if it did, 45-55 years?! I’m still so disturbed by this and would love to help if possible.

  • I’m speechless really … american prosecutors treatment of young people is an utter disgrace and insidious beyond belief … just look at the cases of James prindle … Tory Adamcik … paul henry gingrech and robert bob richardson … to name but a small few … personally I think its time for the world to force the american goverment to change the laws and ban the use of life without parole and solitary confinement on kids and adults by boycotting america … it’s tourism and it’s goods … hit your government were it hurts … MONEY … !