We Are Back!

Just a quick apology to our readers for not posting over the past few weeks.  Regular life has caught up with us and we have taken a few weeks off to catch up on things.  We are back at it and getting ready for an exciting few weeks.  We still do not know when The Elkhart 4 will be featured on Dr. Phil, but we will keep you updated.

Since we began in August this blog has had thousands of visitors from across the globe.

The vast majority of our visitors have been from the USA, but we have also had visitors from the following countries:

Canada, UK, Germany, Philippines, Denmark, Australia, Spain, Hungary, Ghana, Russia, Norway, Switzerland, South Africa, Belgium, Morocco, France, Latvia, Mexico, Italy, Iceland, Kenya, Japan, Brazil, Liberia, New Zealand, Ireland and many more.

We look forward to welcoming more visitors as we follow the case of The Elkhart 4.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.