Watch the Dr. Phil Episode on The Elkhart 4 on Friday January 17, 2014

The Dr. Phil Episode which takes a close look at the case of The Elkhart 4 and their felony murder conviction will be shown across The United States on Friday January 17, 2014.


  • If all the boys were black, this case would have never seen the light of day

    • I agree that there are many black youth in desperate situations around the country spending decades of their lives in prison. Often times these youth are victims of brutally incompetent lawyers and a court system which wants quick plea deals and imposes harsh mandatory minimums. I also think that there is a huge difference in the way rich kids and poor kids are treated by the legal system. Levi Sparks gets 50 years for standing on a porch while there is the rich 16 year old in Texas who drove drunk killed four people seriously wounded another two and is sentenced to two years in a treatment resort coasting his parents hundreds or thousands of dollars a year. What is going on with The ELkhart 4 is one of many injustices in the system.