The Story of the Elkhart 4 was Featured at Sheffield Doc Fest

One of the “coolest documentary” film festivals in the world featured a film which spends some time examining The Elkhart 4 as they “they navigate the criminal justice system, facing upwards of 50 years behind bars.”

Smoke and Apple Films have spent much of the last year working on their documentary “No Place For Children.”  This documentary film will feature the case of The Elkhart 4 and place the case in the context of the American justice system.  Smoke and Apple Films commented on their project saying,

No Place for Children (working title)  takes a sobering look at the Juvenile justice system in America, posing questions surrounding accountability and the moral/ethical dilemmas we face in criminalizing our youth.

While issue centred we take a narrative approach; exploring the personal stories, human experiences and complicated relationships of those intwined in this system. We want this film to raise questions and open up a dialogue about nature vs nurture, individual responsibility  vs societal accountability and the American nature of retribution vs rehabilitation.

“No Place for Children” film has been picked up by the Sheffield Doc Fest.  This annual documentary film festival is the largest in the UK and the third largest in the world.  Recently the Sheffield Doc Fest was voted one of the five coolest documentary film festivals in the world.   “No Place For Children” was featured at the Sheffield Doc Fest Meetmarket in June 2013.  The Meetmarket provides opportunities for documentary producers to find financial backers for projects they are currently working on.

UPDATE — MAY 2014 — Smoke & Apple Films are continuing production of the film and are currently raising money to interview Blake in prison — More info here


Smoke and Apple Films — No Place for Children

Sheffield Doc Fest