Tonight — ABC Nightline Prime — Episode on the Elkhart 4

NEW — Video Preview of the episode:  –

Tonight — at 10:00 pm — ABC News Magazine show Nightline Prime will feature the case of the Elkhart 4.

ABC News has published a full story discussing the case — read the story here

The story can be seen on ABC stations across the country at 10:00 pm.

We will continue to update as more information becomes available.



  • Rebecca McKnight

    Its covering the Elkhart4 by only having 2 of them on there?

    • Rebecca, you are 100% correct that ABC News is focusing on only 2 of the 4. We cannot forget that Jose and Anthony are also victims of this injustice. That being said, the main movement in this case right now is the appeals. The Indiana Appeals Court has joined together the appeals submitted by Levi and Blake. These appeals have been supported by several state and national advocacy groups focused on juvenile justice. Perhaps this is the slant that the news story is going to take. We do not know this until we see the story. All this being said this site is dedicated to all four of the Elkhart 4. We are trying to find the briefs filed in Anthony’s appeals, but have been unsuccessful.