Kids Behind Bars — UK TV Documentary Featuring Blake Layman

This week ITV a network in the UK aired a documentary called Kids Behind Bars.  One of the people featured on the documentary was Blake Layman.  Layman along with Jose Quiroz, Levi Sparks and Anthony Sharp make up the Elkhart 4.

We have been unable to see the documentary because of international filters excluding non UK residents to see UK programming online, but we have some information about the documentary.  The documentary focused on Block D of the Wabash Correctional Facility which is where youths (under 18) convicted as adults are housed.

The Guardian in it’s review stated,

This was a sobering look at an intractable problem; it left one feeling that Block D was a regrettable but wholly necessary part of the penal landscape, a place where young offenders are cared for as children by a state that didn’t have the sense to try them as children. But if you were simply looking to be outraged by America’s broken justice system, you needed to look no further than Blake, who just turned 18 in jail. Blake’s crime – committed when he was 16 – was to break into what he thought was an empty house with four of his friends, only for one of them to be shot dead by the homeowner while the rest cowered in a closet. Under Indiana law, it is possible for the four surviving burglars to be charged with the murder of their friend. Blake is currently serving a 55-year sentence.

If a copy of the program becomes available on You Tube we will provide a link.

August 12, 2014 — A You Tube video of the ITV program is now available.  Blake’s section begins at about the 29 minute mark.  Here is the video.


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  • I watched this documentary in the UK and found Blake’s prosecution absolutely shocking! I’m sure nothing like that would ever be allowed to happen in this country, it’s wrong on so many levels. I hope Blake and the other three find actual justice instead of Indiana’s excuse for justice.