Supreme Court Update 2

BREAKING NEWS — Several sources close to members of the Elkhart 4 have revealed that the Indiana Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the case in January 2015.  Sources say the Indiana Supreme Court is looking to hear argument from lawyers representing Blake Layman, Levi Sparks and Anthony Sharp.  As well the Indiana Supreme Court will hear arguments from the State of Indiana.

Over the next few days will be looking to publish more details about this news as they become available.

UPDATE (Dec. 8, 2014 — 8:38 pm) — Case to be heard January 21, 2015 at 10:30 am




  • This is a case that if the jury had known their right to jury nullification, I am sure these boys would have never been convicted. I believe that our city, and its citizens need to be more informed about their LEGAL right to nullify a charge that is deemed in THEIR mind to be unfair and in the case of the Elkhart 4, UNJUST.

  • Exactly right Betty Ray. Thank u. Im glad you are at least aware of it. Attorneys don’t speak about it and a lot of people don’t know about it.

    • Rebecca, it totally stumps me that, even though jurors are given written instructions for jury duty, and in those instructions (at least last time I served on a jury) it states that they can vote their conscience and according to their understanding of the law. I am the state rep for the organization A Fully Informed Jury Association.

  • Well I don’t think they should of got that long but Levi is a very close friend that shouldn’t ever got any time maybe probation time at least