Watch the Elkhart 4 at the Indiana Supreme Court Live

The case of the Elkhart 4 (more specifically Blake Layman, Levi Sparks and Anthony Sharp) has now been argued at the Indiana Supreme Court.  We have included a video of the arguments here.



For more information on the Elkhart 4 and their case CLICK HERE!





  • I hope that these boys are sentanced for the crime they committed for which they have shown remorse. They do not have blood on their hands. Godbless the Elkhart 4. From Birmingham, England.

  • Crazy waste of life and opportunities, American obsession with bullets and the oppression of ‘lower deemed social’ beings is not only unjust but seems to be actively encouraged and persued by a non empathetic, materialistic society.

    Rules applied fall hard on the defenceless but bolster the aggressor. Shame the way American way has been corrupted.

    Hoping for redemption, predisposed to more disappointment.