Jose Quiroz and the Elkhart 4 a Topic of Study in a Norwegian Classroom

The complex case of the Elkhart 4 has engaged people of differing opinions in a debate about the Indiana Felony Murder statute and juveniles.  As heated as this debate can be, participants on both sides celebrate the value of open debate and dialogue in a democratic society.  No more is the ideas of debate and open discussion more valuable that the halls of high schools.

This week the powerful story of The Elkhart 4, and specifically Jose Quiroz, was highlighted in an online video of a Norwegian classroom presentation/study.  While presenting information about the case two high school students debated some of the issues central to the Elkhart 4 case.  A video of this presentation/debate can be viewed here:

From this 13 minute video it is obvious that these two students undertook a lot of research, even contacting Jose’s family, to complete their project.  These students attend Nannestad High School which is near the Norwegian capital city of Oslo.  Congratulations to both of the students on a job well done.

Anyone interested can take a quick tour of their High School here (it is one of the nicest, high schools I have ever seen).