Watch A Video of the Supreme Court Arguments

On Thursday February 26, 2015 the case of the Elkhart 4 (specifically Blake Layman, Levi Sparks and Anthony Sharp) was argued before the Indiana Supreme Court.  Here is a video of the full Elkhart 4 hearing before the Indiana Supreme Court.


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  • I Defenently do not agree with with the judges for finding Levi guilty!! It is not fair to him or his family to have to go through something like that when clearly he did not have anything to do with the burglary!!

    • Levi was found guilty by a jury. It was the judge who sentenced him. It was also Elkhart Prosecutor Curtis Hill who decided to charge him. Of all those groups Curtis Hill has the most to account for as he made the decision to charge Levi with murder.

  • When does the Supreme Court come to a decision about this hearing?

  • Mylinda derosia

    I watched this last night. I fell asleep right afterwards still thinking about levi. All four of them for that matter but mostly levi. Woke up still thinking about all of it, hoping when i looked it up on the internet i would find some comfort in the fact that things went differently since it was 2 yrs ago, but they are still sitting in prison. Words cant even begin to describe how badly my heart hurts for them. Right before the show ended there was a woman yelling to the camera to arrest people who really commit murder…theres criminals who spent a ridiculously short amount of time in jail for way worse convictions! These boys were charged for a death of a friend? Say that to urself? Does that make any sense whatsoever? Look at all the criminals that get a slap on the wrist and said lesson learned. A pervert touches a child n still gets to live in society with the possibility and every opportunity to repeat his/her actions. These boys like all teenage boys made a horrible decision well 4 did levi didnt do anything but panic for his friends. Which damn near any human would. I know my one message wont make a differnce but can only hope to god that the judge n jury who found them guilty for 50 yrs cant sleep peacefully at night. Hope they look at their own children and wonder if it were them if they truely did do the right thing. I understand different states have different laws but people find ways to twist them and manipulate the system and laws all the time. Like i said look what real crimals get away with because there lawyers are great at what they do. Not to mention all the peopke who get out of shit by claiming temporary insanity. Woman kill innocent babies cuz they went insane for a minute but its ok n they let out to have more children. How is it fair for curtis hill to kill four teenagers thats what he did when he sentenced them, they might get out old men but for what? What will they have to look forward to. Thell have spent more time in then out…i dont even know what else to say it sickens me i dont personally know any of them and my heart hurts for them. Levi know u wont see this and it makes me sad just writing it but hopefully someone will that can relay it to u….keep ur head up god works in mysterious ways. There are alot of people who believe u n the others should not b were u r. U n ur family r in my prayers

  • Even if the supreme court overturn their conviction, that do not apply to the friend who took the plead deal. If you take a plead deal, that mean your case is close, right???? I feel sorry for these young boys. I know the they did something horribly wrong but 50 years is a little excessive. I think their sentence should been at least 10 years. Making one bad choice should not dictate your whole life.

    • The case of Jose is a very interesting one. I am not 100% sure what will happen with the plea deal if the Indiana Supreme Court overturns the convictions of the other. That being said my best guess is this . . .if the Indiana Supreme Court overturns the convictions of the others because they rule the felony murder law did not apply in this case then the felony murder law did not apply in the case of Jose Quiroz. The legal team for Mr. Quiroz has a good argument stating “How can a guilty plea stand when the charge is not constitutional?” It will interesting to see what the ramifications are with the ruling of the Indiana Supreme Court no matter which way the decide.

  • Another quick question: How do the family of the victim feel about the case? Do the parents want the other teenagers to get out of jail? Have they spoken publicly and privately about this case?

    • The homeowner has never spoken publicly about the case, except for when he testified in court. We know that the events of that day have had a profound and negative impact on his life and these boys need to be accountable for that. The parents and family of Danzele Johnson have also never spoken publicly about their loss but we do know that they visited with Blake Layman while he was in the Elkhart County Jail.

  • I know a man that was convicted of murder right here in Elkhart, Indiana and only got 12 yrs. and is out and collecting ssi disabilty….WTF