MTV – One Bad Choice — Levi Sparks — Will Air This Wednesday

MTV’s will air an episode of their show “One Bad Choice” which will feature Levi Sparks of the Elkhart 4.  The Episode will air on Wednesday March 4, 2015 at 11:00pm ET/PT.

Producers of the show have provided this blog with the following synopsis.

“One Bad Choice” explores the consequences of young people who made a single, terrible decision that irrevocably changes their lives forever. With in-depth accounts of true stories narrated by the actual participants and recreations by actors to portray the events that occurred, the series serves up cautionary tales that take viewers on a rollercoaster ride filled with shocking twists and turns, suspense, drama, and redemption.

In the March 4 episode, viewers will be introduced to the shocking and deeply emotional story of Levi Sparks, a street smart 17-year-old from Indiana, who has had a rough childhood and has become used to taking care of himself. Unfortunately, Levi hasn’t always made the best choices and is confident than he can still have fun and stay out of any real trouble. Levi decides not to get involved when his joy-seeking friends enter a neighbor’s house with the intent to burglarize it.  However, as gunshots ring out and someone gets killed, bystander Levi is shocked to learn he is being charged with felony murder and suddenly staring down the barrel of a life sentence because of a trigger he didn’t pull.

New York based producer Lia Araujo spoke recently to The Elkhart Truth.  In her interview she reported spending five hours over three weeks interviewing and filming Levi.  According to the Elkhart Truth she said “I think one of the things that struck me was just how completely charming he is,” Araujo said. “He is such a happy kid.”

The Elkhart Truth continues writing,

Araujo said she hopes the episode generates a conversation about what society can do to help troubled youth before they end up incarcerated.

“I think we need to pay more attention to our young people before we get to the point where we’re locking them up for 50 years,” she said. “This was the end of a string of cries for help.”

You can view a trailer of the episode here:


  • This is crazy this kid should not be in jail the government just wants to feel like they have that power levi sparks should be a free man he didnt do anything i know more people then i can count that actually did something wrong and are still walkin the streets i would fiGht for this kids freedom smh i dont even know this kid and it pisses me off that hes locked up.

  • 50 years for burglary. I don’t agree with them being charged for the life of someone they didn’t murder. They are all accountable for their own actions and should be charged with burglary even Levi though I don’t agree since he never said he’d be a look out but just by answering the phone and stepping one foot on the victims property he put himself in that… Indiana’s laws are too extreme for most things and this is a prime example of one of them.
    Prayers go out to theses guys for a lighter sentencing upon appeal.

  • I am emotionally changed by this story. 50 years?! For an innocent kid! There goes his whole life. No chance of a career, kids, family, anything. His life is now jail. i can’t even comprehend how he must feel. I cry for him and I cry for his friends and family. Release Levi Sparks.