Indiana Supreme Court; “The Elkhart 4 are Not Murderers”

Today the Indiana Supreme Court sided with justice, compassion, common sense, human dignity and the rule of law when it unanimously vacated the felony murder convictions or Blake Layman, Levi Sparks and Anthony Sharp.

In a move clearly designed to right a wrong the justices have sent a clear message by limiting the power of prosecutors when charging felony murder.

The Supreme Court upheld Palmer (see our article on Palmer here), but found that the fact of the Elkhart 4 case “there was simply nothing about the Appellants’ conduct or the conduct of their cohorts that was “clearly the mediate or immediate cause” of their friend’s death”.

We fell this is a great day for justice, rule of law, but there is still work to be done . . .

Now it is time for the authorities of Elkhart County to quickly look at the plea deal of Jose Quiroz. This deal needs to be adjusted right away to reflect the legal reality that the actions of Jose Quiroz did not constitute felony murder.

The cases of Blake Layman, Levi Sparks and Anthony Sharp are now being transferred back to Elkhart County where they will be re-sentenced for burglary – a class B felony.

There was quick reaction to the verdict with news outlets around the world covering the story.  Here is an article in the UK newspaper The Guardian

Over the upcoming weekend will be publishing more about the opinion, our reaction and the reactions of others.

Read the Indiana Supreme Court Ruling in the case of Blake Layman and Levi Sparks – Layman and Sparks ISC Decision

Read the Indiana Supreme Court Ruling in the case of Anthony Sharp –Sharp ISC Decision

One comment

  • I think the supreme court definitely made the right decision. I have been following this case for a while and glad to see this teenager now younger adults get justice. They still have a long road ahead of them but at least there light at the end of the tunnel. I only wish them the best and must success. How much time do you think they will get for burglary (felony b)? For the felony B charge, will they still be tried as adults for re sentencing or juveniles?