Twitter Reacts to the Indiana Supreme Court Decision

Twitter went crazy on Friday when the Indiana Supreme Court vacated the felony murder convictions for three of the four members of the Elkhart 4.

WSBT’s reporter Kelli Stopczynski was the first to break the news . . .

Breaking the News

The legal community commented on how important this decision was:


Soon news organizations from around the country and around the world had picked up the story.


The Guardian, a major newspaper in the UK wrote an article ( you can read it here )

The Guardian

Twitter continued to react with many people who have been involved in the media attention commenting on the Supreme Court Ruling.

Steven Drizin a law professor at Northwestern University tweeted his congratulations.  Dr. Drizin co-wrote an article in the Huffington Post about the Elkhart 4.

Steve Drizin

The Generation Why Podcast dedicated an entire episode to the Elkhart 4 (listen here) tweeted their thoughts.

Generation Podcast

And Dan Tracy the actor who played Levi Sparks in the MTV episode of One Bad Choice commented on the ruling:

Dan Tracy

There was support from abroad . . .

From the UK 2 From the UK

There were political posts . . .

Anger and Support

There were posts from those who wondered what would be next for the Elkhart 4 . . .

What Happens Next?

And then there was our reaction to this fantastic news . . .

Our Tweet