Curtis Hill Denied at the Indiana Supreme Court — Victory for the Elkhart 4

Today the Indiana Supreme Court denied a request by Elkhart Country Prosecutor Curtis Hill and Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller to rehear the Elkhart 4 case.  The unanimous decision of the Indiana Supreme Court ends the legal appeals of the State.

In September 2015 the Indiana Supreme Court ruled that Blake Layman, Levi Sparks and Antony Sharp did not commit felony murder.  Jose Quiroz also a member of the Elkhart 4 was not part of the case before the Indiana Supreme Court because he accepted a plea deal.

The case of the Elkhart 4 has caught the attention of millions of people around the world and is considered a significant injustice.  The ruling today by the Indiana Supreme Court helps to rectify that injustice.

Layman, Sparks and Sharp will return to Elkhart to be sentenced for burglary.  Originally Layman and Sharp were sentenced to 55 years in prison while Sparks received 50 years in prison.  Layman, Sharp and Sparks can expect their sentences to be greatly reduced now that they are no longer convicted murderers.



  • Amen… Elkhart the worst town of the United States. Curtis Hill contaminates our community with unfair justice when it comes to our judicial system… One who suppose to be a role model blackens any modelism for our community… Pray someone gets this man out of our judicial system

    • One person or one position cannot define an entire community. There are wonderful people in Elkhart who are working hard to improve the community and themselves. Residents have the power when election time comes along to send Mr. Hill on his way. He is probably leaving anyways, he is looking to run for Attorney General of Indiana.

  • Now the next step in that parade is to see if they will be charged/sentenced as juveniles or adults.