The Call For Justice Continues


Don’t be mistaken . . . the case of the Elkhart 4 is not over . . .not over by a long shot.

The period of advocating for Blake, Levi and Anthony is over. Now it is their turn to show their families, their community and those around the country and around the world that they are worthy of all this effort. They have a responsibility to live life as responsible citizens.

The period of advocating for Jose continues.   It is time to draw attention to this issue to ensure that the case of the Elkhart 4 does not lead to further injustices.

In October of 2012 Jose, Blake, Levi and Anthony broke into what they thought was an unoccupied house with their friend Danzele Johnson. The homeowner, awoken by the break in, grabbed his gun and shot killing Johnson.   Jose, Blake, Levi and Anthony were charged the felony murder of Danzele. Jose took a plea deal, while the others went to trial. At first it seemed like the plea deal might have been a good way to go. Jose got 45 years in prison while the others got 50 or more years in prison. In September 2015 the Indiana Supreme Court said that the felony murder charge was inappropriate. Blake, Levi and Anthony have been re-sentenced for burglary and should be out of prison this year. Jose still has a 45-year sentence.

This weekend editorials appeared in both The Elkhart Truth and The Goshen News calling for this injustice to be corrected.

The Elkhart Truth wrote:

Jose Quiroz took a plea deal and hasn’t had the same path to justice as the other three. He’s seeking post-conviction relief after taking the deal that got him a 45-year sentence. He has a hearing Thursday. For justice to be served, Quiroz would end up with a 10-year sentence like the others.

The Goshen News wrote:

And then there is Quiroz, who said during the trial that he was bullied into a plea deal and remains a convicted murder[er] serving 45 years in prison while his accomplices are likely soon to be free. Where is the consistency in that? While Quiroz may have cut his own deal, it seems fitting to us at this point that he deserves the same fate as his cohorts.

If Jose’s 45-year murder conviction is allowed to stand then the injustice continues. Martin Luther King said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. For the integrity of justice in Elkhart County it is the job of Curtis Hill, Vicky Becker and Judge Shewmaker to ensure that an injustice is not perpetrated on Jose Quiroz.

On Thursday January 14, 2016 there is a status hearing for Jose. This hearing provides Elkhart authorities with the perfect opportunity to ensure that there is no further injustice.

Curtis Hill has the power to fix this injustice. He is reminded of what Elie Wiesel said,

“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”

We continue to demand Justice for Jose, Justice for the Elkhart 4.