Elkhart Media Get It Wrong Again

In a rush to say something . . . . the Elkhart Media has got it wrong again.  The Elkhart Truth, The Goshen News and ABC 57 all rushed out articles overnight claiming release dates for Levi Sparks, Blake Layman and Anthony Sharp.  All three news organizations claim that Levi Sparks will be released on October 8, 2017.

These claims contradict the Indiana Department of Corrections website for Levi Sparks which states the release date for Mr. Sparks as April 8, 2017.

Had these news outlets done any math they would have realized that the October date for Mr. Sparks was highly unlikely given his new sentence was 9 years and Blake’s was 10.  Why would Mr. Sparks get out later that Mr. Layman?

The purpose of these articles is to contradict Layman and Sparks lawyers who claimed at the re-sentencing that Layman and Sparks would get out in 2016 based on further credits for education and programs.  Given the lack of research done by the Elkhart Truth, Goshen News and ABC 57 we are not trusting that they have actually looked into this in any detail.  They seem to just be quoting an email with a significant error.  Did they bother to fact check?   Did they bother to question an obvious math error?  The answer seems to be no.

We wonder if Melissa Hudson of ABC 57, J.C. Lee of The Elkhart Truth or Sherry Vanarsdall of The Goshen News asked the Indiana Department of Corrections about the claims by Levi and Blake’s lawyer that they would get extra credit for education and programs?




ABC News Story on possible release dates of the Levi Sparks


The Elkhart Truth news story on possible release date of Levi Spark

Goshen News Wrong

The Goshen News Story on possible release date for Levi Sparks


The Indiana Department of Corrections page for Levi Sparks


  • Before blaming the news media for their error, be advised that the web site for the Indiana Department of Corrections isn’t always up to date.

    • We understood this, but we have monitored the Department of Corrections website carefully over the past few days and they updated their information overnight. As the day progressed the media have published corrections.

  • IDOC website has been updated again. Looks like Mr. Sparks release date is 1/31/16, Layman 9/02/16 & Sharp 5/13/18.

    • The IDOC has been changing these daily as they have been calculating the time credits for the programs completed. ABC57 had a duty to report in much more detail explaining how the IDOC determined length and letting people know that things would change. Unfortunately they did not research and just re-published a government 3 line email — error included.