Today Levi Sparks was released from the custody of the Indiana Department of Corrections.  After a quick media interview Levi left the prison with his family to start a new life on the outside.

In his media appearance Levi apologized for the devastating consequences of his actions and talked about moving on with his education and life.

We here at http://www.freetheelkhart4.com wish Levi the best of luck.


We anticipate that Blake will be released in 2016.  Anthony is currently scheduled for release in May of 2018.

This leaves Jose, for whom the injustice still continues.  We will continue our advocacy efforts for Jose.





  • This is amazing ive been fallowing this story since the show one bad choice!!! I fell sooo in love with levi and the person he is. And his family. Ive always wanted to reach out to all of u this has definitely made me the happiest woman ever. Ahhh looove you levi!!! Live ur life to the fullest!!!!!!

  • Been following this story since the beginning and I am super glad these boys are getting out! I was wondering if there was a address where we could write the boys to encourage them and give them some kind words. Even a address of a person that could relay the letter to Levi and even the ones still in prison?

    • Hi, thanks for the message. You might be able to find that information out on the individual Facebook pages that have been set up to support the boys (click on the links tab in the above menu). We do not give out personal information on this site.