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Welcome to http://www.FreeTheElkhart4.com.  This is a blog specifically dedicated to finding justice for the Elkhart 4 as well as exploring the juvenile justice system and general justice system in the USA.  Please feel free to comment on anything you read.  You can review our code for commenting here.

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In fairness of full disclosure — We do not know any of the accused or their families.  We are not acting as an agent for any of the families and are not asking or raising any money for the accused.  We have no connection to this case or the people involved in the case. 

All postings on this blog are property of http://www.freetheelkhart4.com.  They have been written specifically for this blog.  Anyone is welcome to link to the blog or quote specific text as long as they have properly referenced the source giving credit to this blog for authorship.  Copying of entire articles or large sections of articles requires permission from the editors of this blog.  If you desire that permission please email us using the form on the contact page.  The work on this blog is copyrighted 2013 – 2016.  All rights are reserved.  Any unauthorised use of the content of this blog will not be tolerated.  If you have any questions please contact us.

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  • Why isn’t there a petition for Levi, or is there and I am missing it?

    • The families have different tactics when dealing with their sons post conviction appeals. At this point we are not aware of any petition for Levi, but we have it on good authority that his mom and siblings are providing him with much support as he transitions to his life as an inmate. If you find or start a petition on behalf of Levi please send us a link and we will post it.

  • this story breaks my heart to no end I seen those boys on dr.phil and couldn’t help but bring a tear to my eye to see them sitting there.. it is completely overkill on scenting for these boys. is there a way to write them to tell them they are being supported and thoughts are with them? or is that something that is not allowed?

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