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What Is Next For Jose?

Jose Quiroz plead guilty to a crime, felony murder . . . . a crime the Indiana Supreme Court now says he never should have been charged with let along convicted of. One day after the Indiana Supreme Court said this Jose is sitting in prison with a 45-year sentence while the three others have had their sentences vacated and are

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The Guardian Writes About Blake Layman of the Elkhart 4

One of the biggest newspapers in the UK, The Guardian, has written an in-depth article featuring Blake Layman of the Elkhart 4.  Ed Pilkington has written an article that looks at the felony murder rule in Indiana and the situation around the case of the Elkhart 4.  It is a great read for anyone interested in this case. To read

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Kids Behind Bars — UK TV Documentary Featuring Blake Layman

This week ITV a network in the UK aired a documentary called Kids Behind Bars.  One of the people featured on the documentary was Blake Layman.  Layman along with Jose Quiroz, Levi Sparks and Anthony Sharp make up the Elkhart 4. We have been unable to see the documentary because of international filters excluding non UK residents to see UK programming

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Constitutional Issues Raised By The Case of The Elkhart 4

In previous articles we have looked at the text of the Indiana Felony Murder Rule.  Specifically, our article Is Curtis Hill Using the Case of The Elkhart 4 to Expand the Felony Murder Rule in Indiana, focuses on this law.  In that article we stressed our concern with the ambiguous wording of the law.  In today’s article we are going to look

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Twitter Goes Crazy as The Dr. Phil Episode on The Elkhart 4 is Taped

There was heated debate and strong messages of support on Twitter as a special episode of The Dr. Phil show was filmed in California.  The episode which focuses on the felony murder convictions of Blake Layman, Levi Sparks, Anthony Sharp and Jose Quiroz should air soon.  We will keep you updated. Here are a very few of the hundreds of

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Canadian Press Covers The Elkhart 4

The National Post a newspaper out of Toronto Canada has picked up the story of The Elkhart 4.  In an article entitled “Teen Would-Be Burglars Convicted Of Felony Murder Receive ‘Extreme’ 50-Year Sentences For ‘Crimes They Didn’t Commit” that National Post of Canada brings the case of The Elkhart 4 to an international audience.   Maria Assaf, writer of the

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