Contact the Politicians

Contact the Politicians

Elkhart County

Curtis Hill — Elkhart County Procecutor —

State of Indiana Executive

Indiana Governor — Mike Pence —

Indiana Attorney General — Greg Zoeller —

State Legislators

State Senators

Senate District 11 — Joe Zakas — Contact Website Click Here

Senate District 12 — Carlin Yoder — Contact Website Click Here 

State Representatives

District 21 — Timothy Wesco — Contact Website Click Here

District 48 — Tim Nesse — Contact Website Click Here

District 49 — Wes Culver —


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  • Can the governor grant them all clemency? Just a thought.

    • It would be an interesting option to explore. Unfortunately in recent times most Governor’s and the President are not willing to grant clemency. Fearing looking weak on crime the amount of clemency offers has drastically fallen across the country over the past few decades. Finally although these boys have many supporters there are also many people who believe what happened in this situation was just. There are even some who think they deserved longer in prison. Governors are often very unlikely to grant clemency in controversial cases.

  • This case is why I believe advocacy groups should get involved at the beginning of a trial, not at the end. The politicians who try these people will never admit they made a mistake in conviction or sentencing, once it’s done. It’s a social norm that we do not go over anyone’s head without fear of trouble.

  • I think a great thing for you guys to do is to write something people can copy and paste to the emails provided. Just a thought-ask your lawyers just in case 🙂

    • Hi Jen, and interesting idea. Will look into it. This support blog is not associated directly with the families, although we now have had contact. We created this blog because we heard about the case in September and were concerned that the facts of this case make it a huge miscarriage of justice.

  • Leslie Carbajal

    Hi I saw Levi’s case last night and what a misfortune :/. Any way to get the boys mailing address to send support? I hope this case ends in good terms 50 years is ridiculous!

  • I watched MTV’s “One Bad Choice” when aired Levi Spark’s story. Me and my 16 year old son watched this. I often talk to him about consequences. We both were crying at the end when we saw the verdict and Levi today. We were outraged at the 50 year sentence. This crime definitely does not fit the punishment. It’s sad to say the legal system failed Levi Sparks. I can’t believe that people commit heinous crimes and get away with less punishment. I am writing my congressmen in support of Levi Sparks. By the way, this really impacted us since we live in Indiana. Stay strong!

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