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  • I have watched the documentary on MTV and for the first time ever I felt compelled to try and find out more in the hope that Levi Sparks would have had his sentenced overturned by now, this is honestly the first time I have searched for someone on Google after watching a TV program. Why this one? Because if any person has been wronged by the criminal justice system to further a career or to make a point that crimes like this wont be tolerated then this is one of those cases. I have read this blog from start to finish and watched the video of whether the case will be brought up in front of the supreme court justice and I really hope it will.

    To say I found some of the comments made on the video highly amusing is possibly the wrong term to use but I loved the way Ian McLean tripped over himself trying to argue the point of the actual words of the statute “When a person kills” he tried so hard to re word this so it worked in his arguments favour but I am very glad they did not let him and made a point of telling him so. In the rebuttal at the end when it is proven that other states do have the statute worded correctly to cover crimes where someone dies because of or during the crime as a direct result of that crime confirms that the wording of the statute is incorrect if that was its intended purpose and therefore does not apply to this case.

    The boys were foolish and stupidly committed a crime, thinking that going into a house that was empty would mean there was no chance something like this could happen was wrong but if anything this does show that they are adolescents and still think like teenagers as only a person of there age would have thought like this. Picking a house that seemed to all intense purposes be empty doesn’t make them master criminals as McLean would like everyone to believe, even when they realised it wasn’t did they stay and try to kill the home owner so that he couldn’t finger them for the crime, no they tried to flee the home as quickly as possible, they didn’t want a confrontation which could in all intense purpose end up with someone being hurt, they had no intention of physically harming the home owner and even when it was 4 against 1 they still chose to run, do you think 4 grown men would have made the same choice I don’t, for some if not all of them being caught by the home owner would have been enough to deter them from doing it again as they would have then realise that even though the house is empty they could still get caught as they really didn’t think they would it wasn’t that they didn’t care if they did as they would deal with the person who caught them as that wasn’t the case. In my eyes this clearly shows that there was no intent to cause anyone physical harm as apart from not committing the crime in the first place which would have been the more mature choice (mature being the operative word as only adults are classed as mature enough in many cases) they did everything they could to avoid anyone getting hurt. The call to Levi wasn’t to get someone else over to the house to harm the homeowner it was so those in the house to get away without further confrontation or injury why else would they have told him to go to the front door. I don’t care what anyone says even if you are not involved in the crime and don’t agree with the crime being committed the minute you get a call to say your friends hurt your immediate reaction is to do what you can to help, did Levi try to find a weapon before going to the house even after hearing gun shots no he didn’t and at no point did he ever intend to harm the home owner even after his friend was shot. His case is one of the most wrongly convicted cases I have ever heard of and it is diabolical the way the Indiana Justice System has treated him and I do not know how Curtis Hill can sleep at night knowing what he has done, if the case is overturned and they win their appeal will he be made accountable for the years of their life these boys have lost because of his ego, no he wont even though if you want to play on words there are many charges that could be stretched to cover this type of wrong doing but alas it wont as they only play on words and statutes when it suits their needs, maybe that’s what’s wrong with the Justice System making people like Curtis Hill accountable would stop all the political bs that surrounds so many cases like this.

    These few points alone should be enough for the supreme court to get involved in this case. I would also like to point out and I do apologise if this offends these boys or their families as this is not my intent I would just like to give another example of McLean playing on words to help his case. McLean kept referring to Danzele Johnson as the victim at every opportunity he got so that the court would not see Danzele in the same light as Jose, Blake, Anthony and Levi, and every time he was asked to explain himself he tried to refer to a scenario where the victim in the crime or a innocent bystander was actually the victim in the killing every time he was asked to give an example of a case to support his argument he could not he would try to twist words to feather his nest but I am glad the judges were astute enough to see right through his methods.

    I hope and pray that this horrific ordeal will be over and done with soon and the right verdict will be reached so the boys can get their lives back.

  • How long does the supreme court typical review a case before making a decision? I been watching this case very closely and checking this website every two-weeks to see if any changing were made. I really hope these teenager get another chance at life. They did commit a crime but do not deserve a life sentence because of it. The charges do not apply in this case and the law needs to be changed. They should be charged as minors for home invasion or attempt robbery. The Elkhart 4 have my full support. Best of luck and wishes to you all and your families.

    • Hi, sorry for the late reply. The Indiana Supreme Court can take the time it needs to come up with a decision. We think the fact that it is a sign that they are taking this case very seriously. We also think that it shows that the the issues in this case are not as easy or clear as the state presented them. We hope for a decision soon, but only after the court has carefully examined this case.

  • I just watched the Levi Sparks “One Bad Choice” and I have literally cried for this boy. Those kids should not have done what they did but 1st of all, THEY didn’t shoot anyone. 2nd and most importantly, Levi was not even THERE. If he was a lookout, don’t they think He would have called the other boys to find out whats up? Not the boys call that phone & he answered? 3rd, how in the hell can he get murder when even the owner of the house said in court he did not see Levi? I grew up with kids like these, mostly harmless, stupid at times, but mostly harmless. Yes, B & E, maybe for the 3 others, but these poor kids will be more damaged when they get out therefore probably more of a threat to society due to the nasty s–t that goes on in prison than if you were to let them out and probate them!!! I cry and pray for you Levi!!!!

  • I am appalled at this case-these boys should NOT be incarcerated! This is NOT justice! One boy is dead and 4 others in prison for making a bad choice-burglary-yes, but felony murder-NO WAY! I have been very disturbed since I saw this case aired on “Dr Phil” and I am praying for the Supreme Court to release these boys IMMEDIATELY and return them home with their families!
    I am praying for these boys!

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