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A New Editorial in the Goshen News — Are they correcting errors they made during the trial?

A year ago today we wrote a blog post entitled “Does the Goshen News Favor Curtis Hill”. In this post we accused the Goshen News of taking a pro Curtis Hill slant in its coverage of Blake Layman, Levi Sparks and Anthony Sharp’s trial. We concluded our article on the biased reporting by saying, This case will continue with appeals but

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One Year On — Three Questions Curtis Hill Does Not Want Us Asking

It has been exactly one year since the case of The Elkhart 4 began.  On October 3, 2012 Blake Layman (age 16) Jose Quiroz (age 16), Anthony Sharp (age 18) and Danzele Johnson (age 21) decided to break into a house in the middle of the afternoon.  They knocked on doors and found a house where no one answered.  Believing

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The Elkhart Truth Article: A good start, but 353 days late!

Late yesterday afternoon (Sept. 21/13) The Elkhart Truth published an article entitled “Age of defendants could be part of appeal for Elkhart teens convicted of felony murder”.  Written by Sharon Hernandez this article looks into possible legal issues that might be argued in the upcoming appeals of the Elkhart 4. This article in The Elkhart Truth is the first article

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